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 Fin Beveling Jigs

For this project I wanted to put a bevel on the fins. I looked at a few designs that others had used. For the sustainer fins I opted to use the design that John Coker came up with (http://jcrocket.com/finbevels.shtml). I have a smaller disk sander but it worked.  What I didn't like about it was that your fingers are very close to the sanding disk (I only nicked my fingers twice).  I built the jig with a 10 degree angle. Here are some pictures of my setup.

Fin Bevel Jig #2 Prototype

For the booster fins, first ran them thru the beveling jig as I did with the sustainer fins.  Since the booster fins are thicker (0.125" G10), the 10 degree bevel seemed to be a bit steep.  I would have preferred something like 5-7 degrees. I decided to come up with a different jig design. I wanted to be able to vary the bevel angle and keep my fingers at a safe distance.

The inspiration for my version of the fin beveling jig were the hand drill based sanders I saw on youtube. Here are some screenshots of one of those.

After a lot of thinking about how to create a fin beveling jig, here are the photos of my prototype in various stages of the build.


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