Vacuum Pump System

I assembled the vacuum pump system based on the plans I found at

I followed the plans and made changes to accommodate the vacuum pump and other parts I already had on-hand.

When I used the vacuum pump for vacuum bagging the fins, I had placed the system on a small wooden folding table I picked up from Walmart.  It wobbled a bit so I thought I could build a more sturdy table with the plywood I had left over from other projects. As I started building and assembling the cart/table, project creep got in there.  I thought maybe I could add fold up/down table extensions, then a drawer and more. It took a bit more time away from the rocket project but that's the way it goes.  Here's what I came up with. The table top dimensions are 26"x20" and the height is 36" that matches my other project table. The extensions add 18" of width to each side. With the table extensions the total table top is 62"x 20". I was going to use 1/8" hardboard for the replaceable top but I didn't have any so I used 1/8" whiteboard that I had one hand.

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